I started this journey the beginning of this year. I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me to start this site and my business. This prompting was in February 2020. This was before the great pandemic of 2020. This was eight months after the most devastating thing happened in my life…my mom’s passing. She went home to be with my Lord and Savior in June 2019. My life was in shambles. So, what was supposed to do to honor my mother? Well, start a crochet business in her honor. 

When I was 25 years old my mother taught me the wonderful art of Crochet. She taught me the basics then I was hooked (pun intended). When she was alive and, in the hospital, I would take my projects with me. When the nurses would ask me how I got started I said, “My mom taught me.” However, she would finish telling them, “I taught her the basics and she just took off with it.” I looked at YouTube for crochet help, but there was not much out there for a beginner. Blogs were a new thing so not much there. By the time I was 28, that is when YouTube finally started coming out with new content, but not many crochet channels. Soon the channels became plentiful. Now, there are many channels I follow, but they all seem alike. So do the blogs. Same crochet stitches, same patterns…just plain boring. 

So, I bring you Joyful Designs by Sarah Joy. Why this name? Well my mom’s name was Joy. She was always so happy to be around. Her parents said she brought joy to them when she was born. How did I get the name Sarah Joy? That is the easy part to answer. My mom and dad could not have children, so they wanted to adopt. While going through the process of adoption they were picking out names. My dad wanted a first name that went with Joy. He brought up two names Abigail or Sarah. Mom did not want the name Abigale, so she agreed to Sarah. That is how I got my name.

What I am going to bring to the table of crochet is lacework and Tunisian Crochet. The market is full of information about regular yarn and stitches. While I will be covering those and many different aspects of crochet, my forte is lace and Tunisian. Currently I am studying to get my master certification in crochet through Crochet Guild of America and American Crochet Association. In addition to studying my master certification I am working on getting my Certified Crochet Instructor certificate as well. This is being done through Craft Yarn Council in Carrolton, Texas.

Joy was born on January 4, 1953. Joy and her brother Gene were 11 months apart. I asked how that happened and she said that grandma believed the old wives tale that said if you are breast feeding you cannot get pregnant. Well that became a shock to my grandparents 11 months later. Mom was born in Jarome Idaho. She played the Saxophone in high school and was a letter girl as well. She was well liked in school. Once graduated from high school she attended University of Nebraska in Omaha. She gained a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. Mom learned the art of Crochet when she was working at a bank. She was talking to a co-worker and mentioned that she wanted to give her parents a really nice anniversary gift. The co-worker told asked her, “How about learning to crochet? Learning this will give your parents a nice gift and it would be from the heart because you made it with your two hands.” So, that is how my mom learned how to crochet. Mom now has passed and I am here to keep this art alive.