YouTube Channels that I Follow

She’s Crafty Art

She’s Crafty Art does not have much Crochet, but the crochet videos she does have are about making crochet flowers. 

Bella Coco

Bella Coco is wonderful for Crocheters of all levels. She even has a subscription box that you can sign up for. 


Nateza has some wonderful tutorials for Knitters and Crocheters alike. She even has some fun and different crochet stitches out there. 

 Jada in Stitches

Jada is a fun loving crocheter. Her energy is contagious even though you are not in the same room. She makes you feel like you are in the same room. It is like being apart of the family. She even includes her husband in her crochet journey.

Tinna Thorudottir Thorvaldar

She has an amazing tutorials on Mosaic Crochet

Creative Grandma

Glenda has amazing giveaways and very easy to follow tutorials.

Bob Wilson

She has several Crochet tutorials.

BHooked Crochet and Knitting–vDkBYh1Tg

She has Knitting and Crochet tutorials.

Debi Dearest

She has a lot on Freeform Crochet.

The Secret Yarnery

The Secret Yarnery is based in Kenya, Africa. She has tutorials on many things crochet.

Crochet with a Twist

Tips on how to start a Crochet Business.

Crochet and Knit with Feride Erba┼čar

She has several Knit and Crochet Tutorials.

Elena Rugal Studio

Elena Rugal makes lace work and 3D work as well. Several Tutorials on both.

American Crochet Association

TL Yarn Crafts

TL teaches crochet and Tunisian crochet as well. In Tunisian crochet most instructors only teach the three basic stitches. TL goes beyond that and teaches all the other stitches that are beyond that. When I discovered her channel I was shocked that there were that many stitches. 

Tamara Kelly: Moogley

Crochet Crowd

Mikey is a fantastic instructor. He has been on YouTube for many years. He has crochet tutorials for all levels. He even has a fantastic Facebook community. I have been following him for years now. 

Happy Berry Crochet

She has really good crochet tutorials for all levels.